NRA/ IFC Grassroots Meeting-Windchitl: Governor will sign the Gun Bill!








DES MOINES- Senator Brad Zaun told over 200 pro gun Iowans in a meeting organized by Suzanne Anglewicz of the NRA that on Tuesday the State Senate will pass the omnibus gun bill with no weakening amendments.

The Wednesday evening meeting was held for stakeholders on gun issues to speak with advocates and lawmakers familiar with the upcoming legislation.

Moments later, Representative Matt Windchitl, who managed the bill in the house said he had spoken to the Governor who said he will sign the bill.

Iowa Firearms Coalition Executive Director held up a copy of the bill and said “I am holding in my hand most comprehensive legislation to protect our gun rights in state history”


The NRA government affairs liaison, Scott Rausch, thanked the Iowa Firearms Coalition for their persistent presence and knowledge that led to the sweeping legislation. “IFC’s lobbyist, Richard Rogers, is there every day!”

Representative Windchitl was later asked questions about concerns over emergency powers with the Governor’s office. He said they had alleviated those concerns. He has spoken to the govenor about the bill who said he “would be eager to put ink to paper on this bill.”

Zaun, Windchitl and the gun organization agreed that the next session would see legislation for permitless carry and an Amendment to the Iowa Constitution which would add the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

John Thompson serves on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa and is a candidate for State Treasurer