Florida Gun Laws Put Citizens At Risk


By: Richard Rogers / Iowa Firearms Coalition Legislative Liaison


While watching the coverage of the mass murder at the Ft. Lauderdale we must be aware that Florida law designates ALL airports – in their entirety – as “gun free” zones.

Not only the secured areas, but the parking lots, pick-up zones, everyplace. What sense does it make to disarm law-abiding citizens who are visiting or working outside of the “security zone”? It just creates another target rich, low risk environment for madmen and terrorists.

The Florida legislature is currently considering a bill that would, among other things, eliminate many of these phony “gun-free zones” in the state, including the non-secure areas of airports. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center says that a previous attempt to fix this dangerous prohibition was stymied last year. Perhaps they’ll get it right now.