Ernst set to complete her own ‘Full Grassley’

Joni Ernst -- CROPPED

By The Iowa Statesman


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Ernst to complete 99-county tour of Iowa

This Saturday, Senator Joni Ernst will complete her 99 County Tour of Iowa with a visit to Central Iowa Healthcare in Marshall County.

The details are as follows:

Saturday, October 24
10-11 a.m.
55 Central Iowa Drive

(Located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 14, across from the Marshalltown Community College)


Paul leads effort to cut, cap, balance federal spending

This week, U.S. Senator Rand Paul plans to introduce the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2015. As the debt ceiling deadline nears, Sen. Rand Paul is leading the Cut, Cap and Balance effort by introducing legislation that would cut the 2016 deficit in half, cap spending going forward on a path to balance by 2021, and require Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution before raising the nation’s debt limit.

To tackle our fiscal crisis, Sen. Paul will also introduce the Default Prevention Act, which prevents a default whenever the United States has reached the national debt limit and prioritizes spending as revenue comes in.

Background information and top-line points can be found below.


Cuts the deficit in half this year.

  • $207 billion in cuts this year
  • Social Security, Medicare, military pay, veterans’ benefits, and interest are not subject to the additional cuts

Caps spending going forward at a balanced level of 18 percent.

  • Provides a glide path to balance at 18 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 5 years
  • Caps spending at 18 percent of GDP going forward

Balances the budget permanently though a balanced budget amendment.

  • No debt limit increase until Congress passes a balanced budget amendment and sends it to the states for ratification


Prevents a default whenever the U.S. has reached the national debt limit and prioritizes spending as revenue comes in.

  • Gives debt service, military pay, Social Security, and Medicare payments priority over other spending as revenue comes in.
  • Average monthly revenue is more than enough to cover these and other priorities.
    • Average monthly revenue is $271 billion
    • Average monthly spending on priority items is $158 billion per month
    • On average there is $113 billion per month to spend on other programs


Head of Baptist Convention of Iowa joins Cruz leadership team

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today welcomed the endorsement of church missions leader and former missionary Tim Lubinus of Ames, Iowa, who serves as the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Iowa.*

“I am honored to welcome Pastor Lubinus to our team,” said Cruz. “His commitment to Christ, and passion for seeing people of faith engage every aspect of the world around them, is reminiscent of the bold pastors who played such a key role in the founding of America.”

“I believe Ted Cruz is the candidate that above all others is a bold champion of liberty, is best qualified to be president, and has the resources to develop a nationwide organization to win,” Pastor Lubinus said. “I want to encourage pastors to step forward and to engage in the political process. We do not relinquish our civic responsibilities when we enter ministry.  On the contrary, our love for Christ and our fellow man should motivate us to action all the more.”

Lubinus will be active with the Statewide Leadership Team, and the “99 Iowa Pastors” coalition as the Cruz campaign continues to organize in the state of Iowa.

A native Iowan, Lubinus was baptized while attending Iowa State University and became a member of Grand Avenue Baptist Church. Tim, his wife Darlene, and their children served as foreign missionaries in South Korea and Central Asia, where Tim started, led, and expanded a team of more than 100 International Missionary Board (IMB) missionaries in 12 cities, while serving as the strategy associate on IMB’s Central Asia regional leadership team. In 2005, Tim also became a trainer for ministry supervisors in Central Asia. The Lubinuses later returned to Ames, where Tim served as the regional and global ministry director at Cornerstone Church for eight years before being appointed as the Executive Director for the Baptist Convention of Iowa in March of 2014. Pastor Lubinus earned a master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City.