Rubio rebuts Obama’s education talk

Marco Rubio EducationFrom Press Release


In today’s Des Moines Register and in a new video, Marco Rubio is detailing his plans to overhaul higher education in America. The video and op-ed come as President Obama visits Des Moines today to discuss the growing costs of higher education in America.

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In his op-ed, Rubio wrote:

“Our current higher education system is outdated and fundamentally broken. It is too expensive, too time consuming, and too difficult to access. Unfortunately, the ideas President Obama will offer in Des Moines today do nothing to deal with the underlying problems in the current system. Instead, they would double-down on Washington’s failed strategy of spending more taxpayer money on the same outdated model. This will not be good enough.

“While higher education was merely an option for most Americans in the last century, today it is a necessity for nearly everyone. This is because our economy has fundamentally changed. Technology has replaced many low-skilled jobs, and the higher-paying jobs of tomorrow require more advanced skills than ever before. To make the 21st century an American century, we must bring higher education within reach of all.

“With so many new ways to share and access knowledge, there is no reason our people should still have to spend tens of thousands of dollars and four years on a campus to earn degrees. It’s time for Washington to embrace the 21st century. As president, rather than attempting to simply cover the symptoms of high tuition rates, I will fundamentally overhaul higher education to change how we provide degrees, how those degrees are accessed, how much that access costs, how those costs are paid, and even how those payments are determined.”

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