Trump explained … hold onto your hats

(Prezography photo)

(Prezography photo)

By The Iowa Statesman


The Iowa Statesman editor and co-publisher Bob Eschliman authored a piece this week that explains why Donald Trump’s campaign has been so successful, and why he seemingly can’t be brought down by missteps and gaffes that would have destroyed previous GOP frontrunners. The op-ed, written for Charisma Magazine‘s political news website, is “something so powerful I want my readers of The Strang Report to read it,” Charisma publisher Steve Strang said.

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Is the GOP Missing the Boat?

By Bob Eschliman

“Conventional wisdom”—the collective knowledge of “experts” who have been following politics for years—has seemingly gone out the window this presidential election cycle, particularly in the Republican primary race.

Some blame the sheer number of candidates; depending on who you ask, there’s anywhere from 15 to 18 major candidates seeking the GOP nomination. Others blame the media and its secular/leftist bias, which mutes conservative Christian candidates and the grass-roots base that supports them.

The solutions many have attempted, however, suggest maybe they’re missing the boat. Conventional wisdom isn’t working, so they dig deeper into the annals of conventional wisdom to look for answers. Except that doesn’t work.

Doing the same thing over and over again—like nominating candidates who are neither conservative nor Christian—and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

First, we need to address the white elephant in the room: the health and long-term survivability of the Republican Party. I hate to break it to you all, but the Grand Ol’ Party is dead and we’re left to pick over its bones.

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