Grassley questions Clinton attorney’s clearance

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Reiterating concerns about national security information being properly secured from foreign governments and other entities, Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is asking Hillary Clinton’s private attorney, David Kendall, about his security clearance in conjunction with his representation of the former secretary of State.

In a letter to Kendall, Grassley is asking for confirmation of when, how and why he or any of his associates received a security clearance in connection with the firm’s representation of Clinton and whether it was active while he had custody of Clinton’s emails.

Grassley wrote that media reports indicate that, “Secretary Clinton may have provided you copies of her emails in December 2014 and that government officials realized that the emails contained classified information in May 2015 yet the Department of State did not deliver a safe to store the thumb drives until July 2015.”

Grassley added, “Thus, since at least May 2015 and possibly December 2014, it appears that in addition to not having an adequate security clearance, you did not have the appropriate tools in place to secure the thumb drives.”

Grassley has asked the FBI and the State Department about the agencies’ efforts to secure the top secret classified information on the server and the thumb drives in Kendall’s possession.  Neither the FBI nor the State Department has responded to Grassley’s questions.

To read a copy of the signed letter, click here.