Paul releases new ad attacking Trump

Rand Paul Trump AdBy The Iowa Statesman


Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign released a new advertisement Wednesday morning, to not only promote his own struggling campaign, but to also attack one of his competitors. In the ad, which will run through the weekend in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Paul sheds light on what he says are “troubling liberal policies Donald Trump has supported in the past.”

In a press release announcing the ad, Paul’s campaign said, “Mr. Trump said he believes Democrats are better at handling the economy and has supported bailouts, corporate welfare, influence peddling, and even Hillary Clinton.

“In sharp contrast, Senator Rand Paul has been a true conservative who has always stood up to the Washington machine. As a strong proponent of term limits, balancing the budget and standing up for individual liberty, Senator Paul has a proven track record as a constitutional conservative.”

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