Blum joins call for IRS Commissioner’s resignation

John KoskinenFrom Press Release


U.S. Rep. Rod Blum (R-IA) has joined 20 of his colleagues serving on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to formally request the President remove the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen from his position.

Over the last two years, the OGR Committee has been investigating the misconduct by the IRS regarding their targeting of certain organizations’ applications for tax exempt status. However, the committee’s investigation has been hindered by the IRS’ admitted destruction of relevant emails from IRS official Lois Lerner, misleading statements by Commissioner Koskinen, and the refusal of the Administration to comply with Committee requests.

“This continued obstruction into this investigation by the IRS and the Administration is simply unacceptable,” Blum said. “For all the rhetoric coming from this Administration on the need for transparency, there has been a disturbing lack of compliance with Committee requests and zero accountability for their discriminatory actions against certain groups. I fully support the Committee’s call to remove Mr. Koskinen from his position: the IRS is one of the federal government’s most powerful agencies — and one with which everyday taxpayers interact with the most — and they should act in a nonpartisan, fair, and transparent manner. Mr. Koskinen’s IRS has failed to meet this basic standard and it’s time for the President to hold him accountable.”