Capitol Solutions with U.S. Rep. David Young

Congressman David Young -- CROPPEDU.S. Rep. David Young
Iowa’s Third Congressional District


I think we all identify the word recess with school – probably elementary school when we would have a little bit of time during the middle of the day to head outside and have fun. Congress does go into “recess” but I turn this time into a work period where I travel all across Iowa’s Third Congressional District to meet with, and listen to you and your neighbors.

I may not be out on the playground for Congressional recess, but it is still a breath of fresh air to be home in Iowa. Too often people are elected and when they go to Washington, they forget who sent them there. I will always remember who my bosses are and I take that relationship very seriously.

The most important part of my job is to listen and be accessible to all of the people of the Third District. My days at home in Iowa are filled with a variety of listening forums, tours of Iowa’s job creators, school visits and meetings over coffee or in one of my three district offices. Frequently my days go from early morning to well past supper. While the days are long, I find them energizing and a lot of fun. Staying in touch with the Iowans I have been blessed to represent is just so important to me.

A recurring topic from many of these visits in the past two weeks has been the role of the federal government. Iowans don’t have to remind me that Washington is creating far more problems back home than it is solving and refusing to play by the same rules as everyone else.

This is why my two driving priorities since taking office have been to conduct oversight, and push for real accountability in our federal government. Americans deserve an efficient and effective government that respects the hardworking taxpayer. And the key for me to accomplish that is listening. Listening to what you have to say and hearing what matters to you sharpens my focus on the issues facing our communities and the nation.

In just these last two weeks I have had an event or at least stopped and checked into all 16 counties in Iowa’s Third District. If there is an event you would like me to attend, just contact my office. Whether it is discussing the importance of Iowa’s all above the energy approach at a luncheon, or touring a renewable energy plant, or seeing a cutting edge glass company, I am routinely floored by the drive and ingenuity of Iowans. The future is bright too.

One of my favorite visits has to be our schools. From reading to elementary school students, to touring an amazing aquaponics program, to learning from high school students about their robotics program, to speaking with future leaders at an AP government class, I know that our state is headed in the right direction preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

We are generous people too. I saw this at a recent grant presentation when over $500,000 of private funds, not taxpayer dollars were given out for rental and homeownership projects that provide housing opportunities for our low-to-moderate income neighbors in Iowa. We recognize the value and strength of our rural communities, and the impact that just caring for one another and investing in our local communities can have.

It’s no wonder I love coming home to Iowa whenever Congress is not meeting. The next time you hear that Congress is in recess, just know that I am back home, working hard and traveling throughout the Third District. I am listening to Iowans so that when I get back to Washington I can share their unique input and experiences to bring a dose of Iowa commonsense and reality to a town that could really use it!