The Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot File

------maxH------By The Iowa Statesman


A number of empty-headed liberal-socialist-progressive-statists have taken to attacking “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, or in some way used his story to advance a false narrative about the men and women who have put on the uniform. The latest member of this group just took it to a whole other level.

Some might remember First Lady Michelle Obama praised Clint Eastwood’s hit film about Kyle. She said she watched the film, and enjoyed it. Her praise was captured on video, which you can see by clicking right here.

That speech was given at a “Got Your Six” event. Got Your Six is a nonprofit organization that brings together other nonprofits, Hollywood, and government officials in an effort to “normalize” the depictions of veterans on film and television to dispel common myths about the veteran population.

“Through nonprofit and government partners, Got Your 6 ensures successful veteran reintegration and empowers veterans to lead here at home,” it states on its website. “Together, Got Your 6 and its partners are shifting public perceptions so that veterans’ leadership and skills are recognized and utilized at home to strengthen communities.”

All of the alphabet soup networks — FOX News included — jumped on her praise for “American Sniper.” And, were it not for the more accurate reporting at Conservative Tribune, which has seemingly taken a week to make the rounds, you wouldn’t know what she said after the recording linked above ends.

The First Lady said she didn’t appreciate the film being made because he was simply a man. And, then, it got much worse.

“Of course, it’s always a ‘he,’” she said, ‘” We sort of forget about the 1.5 million women veterans who have served in uniform.”

“People generally see veterans in one of two ways: Either the broken, downtrodden vet who is homeless or on drugs or has such severe PTSD that he can’t even function, or the saintly hero who lives with such courage and moral clarity that the only thing the rest of us can do is shower him with awe and amazement,” she continued. “But these two images — one broken, one perfect — they’re just caricatures.”

Spoken like a true Obama. *SMH*