Steve King offers a New IDEA

Steve KingFrom Press Release


U.S. Rep. Steve King released the following statement after introducing his New IDEA Act, the Illegal Deduction Elimination Act:

“I believe we must shut off the job magnets that encourage illegal immigrants to come to the United States. I have authored New IDEA, the Illegal Deduction Elimination Act, which would protect American jobs for American workers.

“New IDEA would make wages and benefits paid to illegal workers nondeductible for federal tax purposes. For example, a $10-per-hour wage for an illegal employee would cost the employer $16-per-hour without deductions plus penalty and interest. This would dramatically reduce the cheap labor incentive of hiring illegal workers. New IDEA would also make E-Verify permanent and provide ‘safe harbor’ for employers who use this employment eligibility system.

“My legislation would also create an information-sharing system between the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. By using an automated system to verify employment authorization, and by sharing this information amongst three federal agencies, false identification documents and illegal workers will be identified more easily and the agencies of government would be required to coordinate and cooperate with each other.”