This Guard unit will be drilling tomorrow

ING LogoBy The Iowa Statesman


A unit of the Iowa National Guard will be drilling tomorrow in Des Moines. According to public affairs director Col. Greg Hapgood, the unit will be conducting a training exercise in coordination with local police and fire professionals.

The 71st Civil Support Team (WMD), a 22-member team stationed at the Des Moines Air Base, will train at 2913 E. 35th St. in Des Moines in preparation for an upcoming U.S. Army validation. The training scenario will center around a clandestine chemical and biological laboratory discovered during the execution of a routine search warrant by the Des Moines Police Department.

The primary mission of the 71st Civil Support Team is to support civil authorities at a domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive incident site by identifying CBRNE substances and agents. They also assess current and projected consequences, advise on response measures and assist with requests for additional state and federal support. The unit is also available during disasters of catastrophic significance.