The Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot File

------maxH------By The Iowa Statesman


Since the stories of child abductions began to become more common in 1980s, American parents have been keen to teach their kids about “stranger danger.” But a Missouri family has taken it just a bit too far for their 6-year-old son.

According to local news reports, a family in Troy, MO, arranged to have the boy kidnapped in order to teach him a real-life lesson about the dangers of being too friendly to strangers. The plan was allegedly hatched by the child’s aunt, with his mother’s and grandmother’s blessing, who contracted to have him abducted by one of her coworkers.

Allegedly, the mother and grandmother didn’t even know the coworker, just his last name. And the brutality he was subjected to — all because he was “too nice” — would make a CIA interrogator at Gitmo blush. They let it go on for about four hours before letting the child know it was a “test,” which apparently they felt he had failed.

The boy told what happened to him to school officials the next day. The “adults” in this situation are all now behind bars, each on a $250,000 cash-only bond. The boy is now, sadly, in government “protective custody.”