Republicans take another angle on road construction funding

PenniesBy The Iowa Statesman


A number of House Republicans have decided to offer a new proposal to meet the state’s road construction, maintenance, and supervision needs.

House Joint Resolution 5, offered yesterday by state Rep. Walt Rogers (R-Cedar Falls), aims to amend the Constitution of Iowa to provide more funding to the Road Use Tax Fund. The bill has 20 co-sponsors, and if approved by both the House and Senate, it would need to be approved by the next General Assembly (meeting in 2017 and 2018) before it could be placed on a general election ballot.

The amendment would require that one-half of 1 percent of the state’s six-percent sales tax, after any transfers required by law for the school infrastructure local-option sales tax, be deposited into the Road Use Tax Fund. The funding would be prioritized after funding for natural resources and conservation, as currently required, as well.

The Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition has declared its support for HJR 5. The Greater Des Moines Partnership, the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association, and the Iowa Chamber Alliance have all declared they are “undecided” on the proposed legislation.