The Obama Administration has been doing this from the very beginning

US DHSBy The Iowa Statesman


According to a report today by National Review Online, the Obama Administration has been violating not just the will of the people, but his constitutional oath of office almost since the day President Obama took office.

That statement probably isn’t really news to most conservatives, but the justification for it may just cause heads to explode. After forcing the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency to cough up the documentation through a Freedom of Information Act request, the results of NRO’s investigation are disarming.

“More than 5.46 million foreign nationals have received work permits from the federal government since 2009 … approximately 982,000 work permits were given to illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals unqualified for admission, most of whom crossed the border¬†without inspection,” the report reads. “The remarkable number of work permits granted by the federal government to law-breaking aliens better explains how all net jobs growth since 2007 has gone to immigrants.”

It gets worse from there.