Senator “I’m Coming for your Guns” McCoy Mocks Religion


Senator Matt McCoy of Des Moines has once again lowered decorum at the State Capitol. McCoy has previously engaged in hostile smear campaigns of his colleagues and told one of his own constituents, “I’m coming for your guns, F***face!”

During the debate on fireworks, Tuesday, McCoy mocked the religious beliefs of Senator Jake Chapman of Dallas County who was the floor manager of the bill.

“Let’s dumb this down for me. ‘Cause don’t know what a class 1 [Firework] is. And I don’t have the Book of Mormon over there like you’ve got to read from.”

McCoy’s remarks drew calls of “Point of Order” from many of his colleagues.

John Thompson is a graduate of West Point and Harvard and a member of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee and a candidate for Treasurer of State.