Peters Planning For Loebsack Rematch


Dr. Christopher Peters, the Coralville surgeon who faced Congressman David Loebsack in 2016 is considering a second run.

Peters attended a Loebsack Coffee event in Pella on Saturday where he interviewed with KNIA/KRLS reporter, Andrew Schneider.

“I’m strongly considering running again,” Peters told KNIA/KRLS. “So at this stage of the game, we are putting together a campaign plan, exploratory committee, all that type of stuff that goes into it.”
“Last cycle we started seven months and a week before election day which really isn’t enough time to generate a really effective campaign.”
Peters says he was pleased with his overall success last November despite the short cycle, and if he decides to run again, aims to be more prepared to close the gap between himself and Congressman Loebsack at the polls.

Peters entered the race in 2016 about a week before the filing deadline when announced candidate, Senator Mark Chelgren, declined to run. The former Libertarian managed to get signature qualified onto the primary ballot with only a week before filing closed.

The National Republican Congressional Committee plans to target the Southeast Iowa District where Trump won. The Democratic counterpart also placed Loebsack on the short list of districts that will receive resources to defend their seat in 2018.

Another potential Republican challenger rumored to be comsidering the race are Marion County Sheriff Jason Sandholdt.

John Thompson is a graduate of West Point and Harvard and serves on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa and a 2018 Candidate for Iowa State Treasurer