Local Constituents Drowned Out By Carpetbaggers At Grassley Event


CHARLES CITY- The old derogatory term typically used to label a wandering politician shopping for a district of constituents has been flipped on its head.

Senator Grassley made an appearance in Floyd County to answer questions from locals as part of his “Full Grassley” tour of 99 counties.  But democracy was drowned out by demonstrators from out of state and out of county who filled up the venue of 120. The demonstration made it nearly impossible for the traveling Senator to engage with constituents.

Of the vehicles parked around the venue there were 9 out of state plates and 76 from out of the county.

Here’s the breakdown of license plates:

Illinois 2
Minnesota 3
Missouri 1
South Dakota 1
Texas 1
Wisconsin 1
Allamakee 1
Black Hawk 6
Bremer 8
Butler 3
Cerro Gordo 9
Chickasaw 11
Dubuque 1
Hardin 1
Humboldt 1
Johnson 2
Kossuth 1
Linn 3
Mitchell 6
Polk 3
Story 3
Wapello 2
Webster 1
Winneshiek 2
Worth 2
Wright 1

John Thompson is a graduate of West Point and Harvard and Serves on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa