Kurth Bests Gonzales


Kurth was able to defeat Gonzales in a special election for House District 89.

In a special election that favored Democrats by a healthy margin they left nothing up to chance.  Democrats expended a lot of resources that will be in short supply ahead of a 2018 cycle that will leave the party of Andrew Jackson with limited money to fight back for a state house and senate majority that heavily favors Republicans.

The Democrats spent 100k to prevent the Le Claire Police Sergeant from becoming the first Hispanic legislator from Iowa in December and didn’t rest on their laurels this month to keep him out of the house.  For a party That preaches inclusion but has little success in breaking glass ceilings the best they can do now is obstruct the party of Lincoln from breaking them first.

The DCCC released its list of targets which will include US House districts 1 and 3 where Congressmen Blum and Young have both been elected twice.  The money spent holding on to the Democrat-favored seats in Davenport will come at the expense of the Iowa Democratic Party’s tough job all over Iowa in 2018 when the US Senate map puts Democrats on the defensive all over the country but is likely to leave them fending for themselves in the Hawkeye State.