Kaufmann Reeelcted RPI Chair


DES MOINES– Jeff Kaufmann was unanimously elected to serve another term as Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. Cody Hoefert was reelected to serve as Co-Chair.

Kaufmann said his first priority is fundraising setting a goal of 1 Million Dollars for himself and 150k for Hoefert.

“Almost first would be our First In The Nation status except I put fundraising just ahead of it because we need to have the resources to run great caucuses to keep our status.”

Kaufmann said he had met with the Iowa Democratic Party’s new Chair, Derek Eadon. He was confident they would work well together on keeping the carve out status with their respective national parties.

Bill Gustoff was reelected as treasurer. Bethany Gates was reelected Secretary. And Chad Olsen was reaffirmed as Executive Director.