Press Release: RNC National Committeeman



Fellow Friends & Republicans,

Here is hoping you had a Merry Christmas! I also want to wish you a very Happy and prosperous New Year! Taking time for family and friends this time of year is so important, and I hope you were able to take off a few days to relax and enjoy.

I certainly don’t want to bore you with details you already know. But indeed, this was one of the best election cycles in our lifetime! If your sentiments are similar to mine, I believe that the good Lord answered our prayers in our hard work to preserve freedom and liberty for our children and grandchildren. It is so exciting to see that our GOP here in Iowa and nationally scored unprecedented wins that all of the pollsters and pundits totally missed.

Republicans are now in the best political position since the1920’s!
The GOP picked up a net of 2 (now sitting at 33), lost only 6 US House and 2 US Senate seats, defying once again, all the pundits. Now is time for bold action by our elected officials. I am thrilled by Donald Trump’s cabinet picks and his continued boldness to speak out against political correctness. The list of possibilities from a Republican presi- dent and a GOP House and Senate are endless. Sure—the Far Left via Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, are going too aggressively to save their progressive anti-American agenda. Their agenda, of course, includes continuing funding of Planned Parenthood, betraying Israel, attacking our friends and giving aid and comfort to our sworn enemies (like Iran). I am very confident and hopeful that our Republicans are ready to take bold action. If and when they do, volunteers and activists will be coming out of the woodwork in 2018 and 2020 to protect their backs and to continue the conservative revolution.

The GOP now controls 69 of 99 state legislative chambers and has full control (governor, Senate, House) in 25 states.

We now hold 59 seats in the Iowa House and 29 in the Iowa Senate! No one ever predicted we would knock off 6 incumbent Democrat senators, including Sen. Mike Gronstal. Donald Trump won 93 of 99 Iowa counties. Trump was the first GOP candidate for president to carry Dubuque County since 1956! Overwhelmingly Democrat counties like Wapello, Des Moines, Lee, Clinton, and others, were carried by Trump! Trump’s vote margin and percentage margin wins (148,000 & 9.6%) was the most substantial win since Ronald Reagan’s first run in 1980!

All 3 Republican incumbent congressmen won with ease, including so-called endangered Congressmen Young and Blum. Young’s district is only slightly red, yet he won by almost 14 points. Blum’s district is the 2nd most Democrat district held by a Republican congressman in the entire country, yet he won re-election by 8 points over Monica Vernon, who had been campaigning non-stop for 2 years. Senator Grassley, the defender of the Constitution, won by an overwhelming 25 points. And now he plays an important role in our nation’s history as chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. As we know, Trump will be selecting a nominee to fill Judge Scalia’s vacant seat here shortly. No doubt, he will have the opportunity to appoint 1, 2 or 3 additional ones in the next 4 years.

This is where it will be so crucial that we do our part to have the senator’s back during these grueling confirmation proceedings.


With Donald Trump’s historic win,RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was named to be the in coming White House Chief of Staff. p was the person who could best address the frustrations and hopes of the American people. But, without a sophisticated high tech campaign ground campaign (micro targeting),Trump’s victory would not have been possible.

Reince’shomestateofWisconsingaveits10electoralvotestoTrumpandSen.RonJohnson were re-elected—both victories which had not been predicted by all the political pundits.

There were 6 states that flipped from blue to red (went for Obama in both 2008 & 2012/then went for Trump in 2016)—Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida). As you can see, 4 of those 6 states were right here in the Midwest. That is a total of 50 electoral votes—that is the difference that made Donald Trump president, and not Hillary Clinton!

I will be attending the Winter RNC meeting January 17-21st in Washington, DC. The meeting is being held in conjunction with the inauguration January 20th. The agenda is not filled out like it normally is because of all the inauguration festivities taking place around that week. President-elect Trump has tapped current Michigan GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel to serve as the new RNC Chair, replacing Reince Priebus. As is customary, a Republican president names the RNC Chairman and the committee then routinely approves that selec- tion. Without a doubt, Reince had an impact in Trump’s selection of Ronna. As a current RNC member, Ronna has the institutional knowledge of the work of the RNC and its crucial role in putting together the funding and the infrastructure. These components are so necessary in working side by side with our GOP presidential nominee in getting them elected.

Because I have supreme confidence in Reince’s great work as chairman for the past 6 years, I believe his selection of Ms. McDaniel is the right one to continue the successful track record that the RNC has established. After Ronna had been tapped to be chairman, I received a call from her. We had a very good conversation. And, of course, I reminded her that I wanted her to be very sympathetic to Iowa’s first in the nation caucus status.

There will be no Rules Committee meeting at this particular RNC meeting. As a result, there will be no fear of any assault on our caucus status at this meeting. Per rules that were approved at the national convention in July, the RNC Chairman will appoint a 11-member commission to study how states proceed forward during our next presidential nomination cycle in 2020. This process, of course, is very important to Iowa. This committee will then make recommendations to the RNC Rues Committee, of which I am a member. The RNC Rules Committee will then debate the recommendations of the commission, and the Rules Committee will then pass on its recommendation to the full RNC membership of 168 mem- bers for final approval. I have a desire, if possible, to be appointed and to serve on this committee.

I am also a member of the RNC Resolutions Committee. We have a meeting scheduled on January 18th. I do know that there are at least a couple of resolutions that will be presented—one congratulating the election of President-elect Trump and another one that that thanks Chairman Priebus for his superb leadership as RNC Chairman for the past 6 years. There will be undoubtedly others presented. I will give you a full report of this when I return from DC.

I enjoy my work on this committee very much. I will be running for re-election to continue to serve on this committee. This election will take place at our Midwest Region Breakfast on January 19th. Our Midwest Region comprises 12 states (3 RNC members from each state/total of 36 members in our region).


I want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication and hard work in getting all of our candidates elected on November 8th—whether it be conducing or helping out at your caucus, door knocking, phone calling, putting up yard signs, giving money, and everything else, in making sure that the voters were educated on the issues and our candidates, and getting them to the polls.

You—the fine, “salt of the earth” Iowans that you are—you are the best of the best!! I am deeply honored to work with you in our efforts to save our freedoms and our republic. Let’s don’t stop now! We have much to do to have Trump’s back, along with our 5 GOP federal officials, all our GOP state legislators, and GOP county officials. We know the radi- cal left won’t make it easy as we work together to put those policies in place that will bring back those fundamental principles that our forefathers bled and died for over 200 years ago.

If you have any input or concerns, I would love to hear from you. You may call or text me at 515-961-7363. Thank you and God Bless You!

Steve Scheffler
Your National Committeeman