Weeks: Trump Should Have Dylan Roof and the 4 Chicago Suspects Executed Simultaneously Live On National TV


By James Weeks  / Contributor

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Iowa Statesman.

Like most of you I was disgusted at the video footage of the Chicago kidnapping. Footage which let us not forget was LIVESTREAMED on facebook while it was happening. The 4 people, and I use that term very loosely, involved in the torture and mutilation of that special needs victim clearly wanted an audience. They wanted a reaction. They wanted a race war.

Because of that, the case reminds me of another. One with the same motives and roughly the same reactions, only mirrored in terms of the races involved. It reminds me of Dylan Roof, the guy who shot up a black church in South Carolina. And that’s good, because it means we have an opportunity here. An opportunity to Make America Great Again.

I can’t possibly expect Donald Trump to read this, but I wish he would. I want to ask Trump to do everything in his power, which I hear is tremendous power, the best power really, to have Dylan Roof and the Chicago 4 executed at the same time. Preferably on live TV.

Let’s show the world, in no uncertain terms, that we take this seriously. And that no matter which race is the aggressor and which race is the victim. We, as a nation, as a unified whole, will punish the guilty in the name of justice for the innocent.

Usually we don’t get this chance. Each individual case provokes polarized racial reactions. Whites/Blacks both feel the need to downplay, ignore, or even justify, the crime because some Whites/Blacks will use these cases as evidence that all White/Black people are evil.

But we got it now and we got to take it. President Trump, please make this happen.