28 million impacted by Sandy-scale ‘superstorm’

BlizzardBy The Iowa Statesman


With nearly 28 million people battening down for the night Monday, it is likely the current Nor’easter smashing the East Coast will likely have huge impacts on national transit.

The National Weather Service has warned residents of an area spanning from New Jersey to Nova Scotia of the life-threatening blizzard, which will bring up to 3 feet of snow, hurricane-force winds, and snowdrifts up to 10 feet tall. It’s only been two years since Superstorm Sandy created similar conditions that devastated the region.

Folks in Iowa may think it’s silly to panic over a “simple blizzard,” but even some of our worst storms would pale by comparison. And, in Iowa, you don’t have to worry about coastal flooding that will displace entire amusement parks.

Storm-chaser extraordinaire Reed Timmer is currently in New York City, livestreaming the blizzard. You can keep up with what’s happening, as it happens, by clicking here.