Thompson: Democrats face an identity crisis

Democratic Party LogoBy John Thompson
Republican Party of Iowa
State Central Committee Member


The Democrats are in the middle of an identity crisis. Jim Webb’s slim upset for a single term in the Senate led to the final vote the Democrats needed to pass Obamacare.

He is flirting with a departure from the Democratic primary to run for president as an Independent. His pro-abortion stance and Obamacare vote will keep away conservative voters.  Both political parties are expected to spend upwards of $1 Billion making an Independent candidate a lost cause. But Democrats should be concerned that a logical and principled war hero is abandoning their party while a pandering, Independent Socialist is surging in their ranks.

In July the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, famously couldn’t explain the difference between Socialist and a Democrat.  During last week’s debate, Clinton and Sanders argued about who would give the most “free” stuff to voters.  Sanders explained that the $18 Trillion in new programs would be paid by taxing the top 1%.  In August the state party voted to change the name of the annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraiser dinner because the namesakes owned slaves.

The Democrats championed slavery leading to the emergence of the Republican Party. After the Civil War, Democrats pushed policies geared towards disenfranchising minorities.  Former KKK organizer, Robert Byrd, was a Democrat leader in the Senate until his death just 5 years ago.

Their remaining candidates are advocating for a planned economy. The national chairwoman can’t tell the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat. The party wants to whitewash their history by removing references to their first president.  It’s probably time that they move beyond a token gesture such as the name of their dinner and instead reconsider the oppressive “Democratic” brand.  They can be honest with America and try and shed their racist history by changing the name their party to “Socialist.”