Cruz campaign announces $12.2M raised in third quarter

Ted Cruz -- PrezographyBy Bob Eschliman


When the October numbers become public, likely next week, Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is probably going to be looking pretty good. His campaign announced Thursday evening it has raised another $12.2 million during the third quarter, bringing its total for the year to $26.5 million.

In a press release, the Cruz campaign said it received 185,000 third-quarter contributions for a total of more than 362,000 donations over the little more than six months Cruz has been a candidate. The average donation during the quarter was $66.

“The campaign has also secured more than 6,000 ‘sustainers’ – donors who have pledged to give a recurring monthly amount to the campaign,” the press release said. “The sustainers provide enough recurring revenue to cover all expenses every month for Cruz’s entire field operation across the country, which includes the first four early states, as well as the 23 additional states and territories where the campaign is currently organized.”

In the last 24 hours of the quarter, the campaign said it raised more than $1 million. It also noted a similar $1 million “surge” in fundraising in the 48 hours following the second debate on CNN.

“We are thrilled to see a grassroots wave of support for our campaign gaining momentum all over the country,” Cruz said. “Not only are we seeing a surge of new donors and recurring donors to our campaign, but also continued growth of our organizations in the early states and all across the country. Americans are ready for real change, and I am ready to stand with them to take on the Washington Cartel and return power to the American people. We have both the financial and organizational resources to compete for the long haul and to take our optimistic message all across the country.”