Paul campaign: $2 million cash on hand

Rand Paul AnnouncementBy The Iowa Statesman


Rand Paul for President announced Thursday it has $2 million cash on hand at the conclusion of the third quarter in an effort to quiet rumors that their candidate will soon exit the Republican presidential primary race.

In a press release, the campaign said, “With regular visits to early primary states amassing crowds in the hundreds, a strong debate performance, and new polling indicating a clear uptick, Rand Paul for President remains fully committed to the 2016 presidential race.” It also quoted a Washington Post article that places Paul fifth among all candidates in total money raised.

“We are pleased to have 2 million dollars on hand to advance the cause of liberty,” the release quotes Paul saying in response to the numbers. “My campaign is raising more money than it is spending, and we remain committed to this race more than ever. I am in this race to become the next President of the United States and vow to do all I can to go the distance by defeating the Washington Machine and unleashing the American Dream.”

The “October numbers” are not yet available from the Federal Election Commission, and likely won’t be until mid-October, but the $2 million cash on hand total could be a much more troubling sign of fundraising difficulties. According the campaign’s second-quarter numbers, it had $4.1 million cash on hand as of June 30, indicating it has spent $2.7 million more than it has brought in over the past quarter.