Young’s primary challenger reacts to Boehner’s resignation announcement

Joe Grandanette -- CROPPEDFrom Press Release


Republican Third Congressional District candidate Joe Grandanette reacted positively to the decision of U.S. Rep. John Boehner to step down as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Grandanette’s run for Congress is fueled in part by U.S. Rep. David Young’s vote in support of Boehner for Speaker.

“John Boehner’s decision to step down is an admission of not only ineffectiveness but of betrayal,” Grandanette said. “And as we all know, D.C. David’s first vote in Congress was in support of Boehner for Speaker. Make no mistake, Boehner’s resignation is a reflection of not just his failed leadership, but his cowardice. He saw the writing on the wall and instead of entering the arena of ideas to defend his record as Speaker, which is indefensible, he decided to submit one more time.”

Grandanette is cautiously optimistic about who might take the leadership role. 

“This is only half the battle,” he said. “The question now is will the D.C. Republicans simply take one more step up the ladder into leadership. We know David Young will support that move. But we cannot accept it. Boehner’s lack of leadership and the lack of willpower of those in Congress who elected him Speaker has to be eradicated. The only way to completely turn things around is to find new leadership. Handing off the baton to the establishment’s next great hope will cause despair for us all.”

Grandanette, 61, is a retired elementary school physical education teacher who has provided decades of service in the Des Moines community as a teacher, coach, business owner and volunteer. Grandanette lives in Des Moines with his wife Ting and daughter Rosina.