Legislators want ‘Golden Rule’ in every public school classroom

Golden Rule“Do to others what you want them to do to you.”

As pointed out by state Reps. Larry Sheets (R-Moulton) and Tedd Gassman (R-Scarville) in House File 67, which they co-sponsored this week in the Iowa House of Representatives, the Golden Rule can be found in many different forms across a wide array of philosophies and religions. That’s why their bill proposes to have it prominently displayed in every public school classroom in Iowa.

In its explanatory statement, the proposed legislation states the Golden Rule is the “leading moral precept for a civil society.” It also states that under Article IX, Section 2 of the Iowa Constitution, the General Assembly is required to “encourage, by all suitable means, the promotion of intellectual, scientific, moral, and agricultural improvement.”

HF 67 notes the Golden Rule, in one form or another, can be found in Confucianist, Buddhist, Hebrew, Hindu, Zoroastrianist, Islamic, and Christian texts. It also states:

“The Golden Rule, with roots in a wide range of world cultures, is well suited to be a standard that different cultures can ascribe to in resolving conflicts, and the board of directors of each public school district shall require the display of the Golden Rule in all public school classrooms.”

The proposed legislation does not specify the manner in which it is to be displayed, or the exact wording that is to be used.

There have been no lobbyist declarations on the bill.