Three more counties join call to defund Planned Parenthood

Baby 3By Bob Eschliman


At least three more Republican county central committees have joined the growing chorus of conservatives demanding action to end taxpayer subsidies for Planned Parenthood. Last week, the GOP leaders in Polk, Story, and Woodbury counties approved their own resolutions.

The Polk County resolution:

Whereas, the Platform of the Republican Party of Iowa has consistently recognized the sanctity of human life and the personhood of the unborn, and

Whereas, recent information has indicated that Planned Parenthood may illegally profiting from the sale of baby parts,

We, the Polk County Central Committee, call upon Governor Branstad and the Republican caucuses in the Iowa House and Iowa Senate to remove all state funding from the Planned Parenthood, including funding for non-abortion related services.

The Story County resolution:

The Republican Party of Story County Central Committee resolves to call on both our state and national representatives for the immediate defunding of Planned Parenthood, utilizing every method and opportunity at their disposal, in order to prevent any future taxpayer funds from going to the killing of pre-born babies and the sale of their body parts.

The Woodbury County resolution:

Whereas, the Constitution of the Woodbury County Republican Platform calls for policies to be established by elected delegates to County Conventions in a platform; and

Whereas, the platform of the Woodbury County Republican party has consistently recognized the sanctity of human life and personhood of the unborn; and

Whereas, the Woodbury County Central Committee consists of persons elected at precinct caucuses and is the next most representative local Republican body; and

Whereas, recent information indicates that Planned Parenthood may be illegally profiting from the sale of baby parts.

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Woodbury County Republican Central Committee calls on both our state and national elected representatives to continue to advance the cause of life and to call for the immediate removal of all funding of Planned Parenthood, utilizing every method and opportunity at their disposal and giving state funding instead to women’s health organizations that do not practice abortion.

Be it further resolved that we ask Governor Branstad to defund Planned Parenthood.

But Branstad has rebuffed those calls, saying in an interview this week with The Des Moines Register that he lacks the authority to do so, suggesting a legal battle over the matter would be too costly to taxpayers. However, Branstad has unilaterally closed Iowa Works offices in 2011, the Iowa Juvenile Home and State Training School for Girls in 2103, and the state mental health institutes in Clarinda and Mount Pleasant earlier this year in the face of opposition from legislators and AFSCME-Iowa, the union for state employees.

Earlier today, the Center for Medical Progress released a forensic analysis of its videos that dispelled Planned Parenthood’s assertion the videos were heavily edited or doctored to change the damaging quotes contained within them. Also today, Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards testified before the U.S. House Government Oversight Committee.