Winter is Coming – Grassley may use patent law to dethrone Big Pharma

By S.C. Sherman
Guest Contributor


Crony Capitalism and collusion, throw in a back room deal, seems to be all I write about anymore. Too bad there is so much material on the subject. I’ve discovered amongst the hardly noticed articles on the internet many things of great importance that actually affect our daily lives. For example, the price of drugs. Drugs are too darn expensive. Even if you have a card that pays most of it, you know its sick wrong and wildly corrupt. Turns out our Senator Grassley has a chance to significantly reduce the cost of drugs by busting some twisted patent laws up. Yes, that is interesting isn’t it?

I watch a lot of pro-football. I’m in fantasy league with my boys. We have a blast with it. Last year, all I ever heard about was this drug or that drug, either it was one for my high blood pressure or another for my restless legs, there was always an advertisement telling me what drug I needed. Where did all the beer commercials go? All the drug commercials told me how sick I was, but they never told me what their magic cure would cost. Hmmm? I wonder why? The most common ad was full of happy couples with gray hair on a beach with couple of claw foot tubs and some magic pill was going to provide four hour erections and you would need a doctor. I might need a doctor for anything that takes four hours, let alone building something? But then again, I am a lifelong building contractor, what are we erecting? I might be willing to give it go…but I digress…oh yes…crony capitalism and collusion amongst Big Pharma.

Apparently, Big Pharma has a whole bunch of lawyers and lobbyists and they’ve figured out that D.C. is a game. Kind of like a Game of Thrones! Every season a bunch of people die off, but if you form the right alliances and back the right people in power, you get stuff. Well first off, you get to live, and then you get stuff like power and billions of dollars by bilking the horde of peasants outside the gate.

As a peasant in my minivan while my wife holds our screaming kid with an ear infection, I don’t give a rip about erections. I want an antibiotic, like right now, so I can get my child to stop suffering…so maybe before dawn I can sleep for about five minutes! When I get to the drive up window at a 24 hour Walgreens and find out that my child’s wonder drug is $29/pill and that he needs ten of them…it’s like being sent to the wall. What could possibly be in it to make it cost that much? Blood from a Targaryen dragon scale? I hope so at that price! So when the drug dealer/pharmacist asks me if I want generic, I have only two questions. 1) Is generic just as good as name brand? 2) How much is it?

He answers, yes, just as good as name brand, and $ 2/pill. I suddenly feel like I’ve been crowned the King of the North! Yes, give me the cheap drugs! Winter is coming for you colluding hedge fund monopolistic biopharma masters and it’s not going to be pretty for you. You’re going to face the White Walkers you traitorous SOB’S! Even Hodor knows you’re corrupt as a Lannister. It’s time to bring down the Baratheon Hammer on you Big Pharma.

Who’s got a big hammer? Senator Chuck Grassley, that’s who. He has the power to smash up the dynasty and break the Iron Bank. H.R. 9 the Innovation Act has been brought forth from the House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia). This thing has the power to bust up the patent laws that have allowed Big Pharma to persecute us all for years. This bill will really help everyday peasants like you and me by limiting the costly and abusive lawsuits that keep us from our right to generic and cheap drugs. Hey, if you’re rich as a Lannister or living high in High Garden feel free to buy name brand, but if you’re just punching that clock in Flea Bottom let us have our cheap drugs with no fancy commercial or pretty packaging.

Senator Grassley has expressed concern even pessimism that the patent bill will include an exemption for Big Pharma allowing them to keep on business as usual. Grassley said, “But that’s not the best thing to do. There are some in the tech community who think we’ve already gone too far.”

Gone too far? Are you kidding? Not far enough! Senator Grassley…use patent law to bust Big Pharma! Make Big Pharma walk the Queen Cersei walk of shame. Expose the incestuous relationship between Big Pharma and Big Government. They all deserve an invite to the Red Wedding for what they’ve inflicted on the American people. And yes, great new innovations will still be discovered and they will still enjoy patent protection. The sick abuse of the average Joe in the Seven Kingdoms will at least come to an end. Hopefully, we will see Chuck riding a dragon with Big Pharma dangling by noose behind him as he enjoys the cheers from his constituents buying cheap drugs for all!