Rubio plays some political football in new video

Marco Rubio — FootballBy The Iowa Statesman


The NFL football season kicked off last weekend, which means political football season can’t be too far behind. Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio — himself a college football player — took the opportunity to release a new video titled “Catching Footballs, Fielding Questions.”

Among the questions Rubio, who played on a football scholarship at the now-defunct Tarkio College in northwest Missouri (about 10 miles south of the Iowa border), fields during the video are:

• What’s your Super Bowl prediction?

• Which one made you more nervous, your first college football game or your first presidential debate?

• What’s the name of your fantasy football team?

• Which is harder to recover, Hillary Clinton’s emails or Tom Brady’s text messages?

• Who is your favorite Miami Dolphins Cheerleader? (Hint: he’s married to her)

Scroll down to see the video.