Paul campaign announces 300 ‘Students For Rand’ chapters

Rand Paul AnnouncementFrom Press Release


Last month, Rand Paul for President launched a student organization effort across the nation with the goal of establishing 300 new college chapters within 30 days. During an address last Friday evening at Iowa State University, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he has surpassed the set goal and established 339 new Students For Rand chapters throughout all 50 states.

“My constitutional conservative message of liberty, individual freedom, and small government resonates with the youth of America. They are our future and without them, the Republican party cannot survive,” Paul said.  “I am proud to announce that in just 30 days, we have established over 300 active Student for Rand chapters in all 50 states. The leave-me-alone coalition is alive and well, and together we will work to defeat the Washington machine and restore the American Dream.”

“Students for Rand is truly the secret weapon in Sen Paul’s arsenal,” said Cliff Maloney, National Youth Director. “We set out to establish 300 SFR chapters in 30 days and we’ve blown past that, starting a total of 339 chapters. We are rapidly expanding our efforts and reigniting the flame of liberty among young Americans who want government to get out of the way and allow them to pursue their passions. SFR will show the Washington machine that the youth vote does matter.”

Students for Rand is the official youth effort of the Rand Paul Presidential Campaign to recruit, organize, and mobilize young people to elect Senator Rand Paul as the next President of the United States. In this critical election, a well organized youth campaign will be the difference between winning and losing early primary or caucus states.

Students for Rand chapters will recruit new supporters, organize events, and mobilize students to vote for Rand Paul. Our mission is to build a youth army and establish an SFR chapter on every college campus in the United States.