Cruz adds to Iowa leadership team

(Prezography photo)

(Prezography photo)

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Today, the Cruz for President Campaign announced dozens of additions to Sen. Cruz’s Iowa leadership team and county chairs coalition – comprised of Iowa activists and influencers who are taking an active role in the campaign.  The release also includes the first round of pastors joining the “99 Iowa Pastors” initiative to support Ted Cruz for President.

“The strength of our Iowa team is not just represented by growing numbers, but also by the broad base they represent and reach as they come together,” said Sen. Cruz. “As we build our team in Iowa and across the country, we are very well represented in nearly every bracket of Republican caucus goers, specifically evangelicals, libertarians, and Tea Party conservatives. We don’t just intend to play in Iowa, we intend to win.”

Today’s release also includes the first list of Iowa pastors who have joined the “99 Iowa Pastors” initiative that Sen. Cruz announced at the recent Rally for Religious Liberty in Des Moines.

“This effort grew organically out of our work to recruit county chairs,” Sen. Cruz said. “Some of the first pastors to join the team have spearheaded an effort to recruit their peers, and I am thrilled to have them both supporting our campaign and lifting us up in prayer.”

New additions to the Leadership Team include nationally syndicated talk radio host Steve Deace (Polk County,) and former Hampton Mayor Shawn Dietz (Franklin County).

The list of county chairs for Cruz continues to grow as the following names were added to the list released last week:

Revelyn Lonning, Allamakee County Co-Chair

Robin Oden, Allamakee County Co-Chair

Keith Schroeder, Allamakee County Co-Chair

Mary Burkheimer, Clarke County Chair

Sharon Elling, Franklin County Co-Chair

Gary McVicker, Franklin County Co-Chair

Steven Lonsdale, Guthrie County Co-Chair

Reginald McMenis Jr., Louisa County Co-Chair

Nancy Anderson, Polk County Co-Chair

Betty Davids, Winnebago County Chair

Mark Anderson, Woodbury County Co-Chair

Darla Jean Williams, Woodbury County Co-Chair

Christina Lang, Woodbury County Co-Chair

The campaign also released the first round of pastors who joined the “99 Iowa Pastors” initiative:

Pastor Rob and Jamie Ely, Black Hawk County

Pastor Tim Ried, Buena Vista County

Pastor Michael Davis, Butler County

Pastor Benjamin Scholl, Chickasaw County

Pastor Bradley Wallace, Clay County

Pastor Tom Allen, Dallas County

Pastor Spencer Keroff, Dallas County

Pastor Chris Tjapkes, Dallas County

Pastor Bradley Cranston, Des Moines County

Pastor Edward Mast, Dubuque County

Pastor Steven Britton, Emmet County

Pastor Gregory Baum, Hancock County

Pastor John Desaulniers Jr., Jasper County

Pastor Rose Kessler, Keokuk County

Pastor Eric Cleveland, Linn County

Pastor William Graham, Linn County

Pastor Kenneth Koske, Linn County

Pastor Darran Whiting, Linn County

Pastor Michael McAfee, Louisa County

Pastor Don Thurman, Mahaska County

Pastor Wayne Almlie, Polk County

Pastor Bob Deever, Polk County

Pastor Doug Deford, Polk County

Pastor Mike Demastus, Polk County

Pastor Jeff Hill, Polk County

Pastor Judy Hundley, Polk County

Pastor Dan McCoy, Polk County

Pastor Tim Newman, Polk County

Rev. Shane Wilson, Polk County

Pastor Travis Decker, Wapello County

Pastor Jonathan Ribble, Warren County

Pastor Joseph Brown, Washington County

With the addition of those included in this latest release, the Iowa Leadership Team for Cruz now includes 155 individuals.