Gun Owners of America endorses Cruz

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Gun Owners of America, a premier Second Amendment and gun-rights advocacy organization, endorsed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz for President. In a statement released by Tim Macy, Chairman of GOA, the group lauded Cruz’s consistent record of consistently fighting to protect the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

“Cruz has been a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights as a U.S. Senator, and he will continue to defend our gun rights from the Oval Office,” said Macy. “Ted Cruz has promised gun owners that he will repeal anti-gun Executive Orders that circumvent Congress and veto anti-gun legislation if it reaches his desk.

“We need a stalwart defender of the Second Amendment in the White House, and Ted Cruz will help shoulder the burden of fighting against the gun grabbers dedicated to eviscerating the Second Amendment.”

“I am honored to receive the support of Tim and the Gun Owners of America,” said Cruz, who has successfully defended Second Amendment rights before the Supreme Court. “The Second Amendment and our inherent right to self-defense are critical to the preservation of individual liberty. GOA has been an active and important voice for defending our freedoms and I am thankful for their endorsement.”