Univision anchor disrupts Trump presser in Dubuque

Trump Dubuque Presser

By Bob Eschliman


The headline today in most mainstream news outlets is some variation of “Trump throws out Univision anchor” when, as one member of the media who was there noted, “Total nonsense. It should have been, ‘Unprofessional reporter crashes press conference.'”

Topic A LogoPrior to his campaign rally in Dubuque last night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a 30-minute press conference in a side room. During that event, he made the announcement that SHOULD be the lead story throughout Iowa today — that well-known Iowa conservative Dr. Sam Clovis was joining his campaign as national co-chair.

Univision lead anchor Jorge Ramos, who has repeatedly said his beef with Trump over illegal immigration/amnesty for illegals has become “personal,” decided he should instead become the headline of the day, violating one of the most essential tenets of responsible journalism.

After Trump took another reporter’s question, Ramos stood up and began berating Trump about his stance on illegal immigration. Trump wasn’t about to have any of that, leading to the following exchange that was captured on video.

But there’s more to the story. Much more.

Trump allowed Ramos to return to the press conference. Why? No one’s really sure, but perhaps Trump was eager to give Ramos a chance to actually ask his questions in a professional manner. It seems like Trump may have thought it was going to be a reasonable debate over the 14th Amendment and whether or not it provides for birthright citizenship.

It didn’t exactly work out that way, though, as the next video shows below.

Now, let’s get back to what should have been the lead story today.

In what was perhaps the least surprising “surprise” of the 2016 campaign (so far), Clovis was officially announced as national co-chair of Trump’s campaign, a position in which he will be able to have tremendous influence over policy. He was previously state director for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign, but was given permission to leave when the campaign stopped paying its staff.

“I am pleased to welcome Dr. Clovis to our team and am confident he will be a great asset in Iowa and around the country as we continue to lead all local and national polls and share my vision to Make America Great Again!” Trump said of the hire. His campaign then made the following announcement during the overnight hours.

Donald J. Trump today announced the addition of Iowa conservative Dr. Sam Clovis as national co-chair and senior policy advisor for the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign. Dr. Sam Clovis, Morningside College economics professor and popular conservative activist, will tap into his expansive expertise in economics, national security and international relations as a key member of Mr. Trump’s national operation. As a veteran, he will be especially effective in shaping policies for his fellow veterans and military families, which will continue to be a cornerstone of Mr. Trump’s campaign.

“I am humbled and honored to join the Trump team,” Clovis said. “As this campaign unfolds, voters will be able to see the differences between candidates based on the vision they have for America and the policies and ideas they deliver, and we will be leading the way.”

Christian conservatives in Iowa, many of whom are not particularly thrilled with Trump’s lack of resolve on issues such as abortion and traditional marriage, have been highly critical of the move on Clovis’ part. Some thought he would fit better with more socially conservative candidates such as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, or Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.