Cruz gets another big endorsement

Ron RobinsonBy Bob Eschliman


Republican presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has been methodically, with very little media attention, locking up every corner of the GOP base. This morning he secured another big piece of the puzzle with the endorsement of another longtime leader of the conservative movement.

Ron Robinson, CEO of Young America’s Foundation for more than 30 years, was one of the founders of the Conservative Political Action Conference and Citizens United. He is also a board member of the American Conservative Union, The Government Accountability Institute and several private foundations.

This morning, he became one of many conservative leaders to have endorsed Cruz.

“I enthusiastically endorse Ted Cruz for President because, more than any of the other candidates in the race, Ted Cruz has shown that he is a consistent conservative who does not weaken or abandon his principles when the going gets tough. He does not take actions that make him comfortably loved inside the DC Beltway. Just the opposite, Ted Cruz takes bold stands, publicly articulates what all of us conservatives are really thinking, and fights to restore the promise of America. In short, Ted Cruz is a man we can trust to be the same principled conservative before, during, and after the election–and to do what he says he’ll do.

“Americans are disappointed with their government–and not just with the current president. In the last twenty-five years, we’ve had presidents who promised not to raise our taxes, but who did. We’ve had Supreme Court justices who pledged to fulfill the Founders’ vision of limited government and judicial restraint, but who did not. We’ve had leaders in the House and Senate who boldly promised a consistent and robust opposition to the Democrats’ agenda, but once in office provided nothing of the sort. Who we need for America’s next president is someone we conservatives can be certain will abide by his principles and promises. That man is Ted Cruz.

“I’m a man who has spent his life working with young people, helping to educate America’s youth about conservative, constitutional principles and activism. No candidate can better restore hope and optimism among the young than Ted Cruz–because no candidate can better advance freedom for all of America than Ted Cruz. I urge all conservatives to get behind Ted now. Don’t wait. We need to be unified for as long as possible before the primaries if we are to beat the Establishment. Let’s win with Ted!”