Legislators call for Planned Parenthood investigation

Baby 3From Press Release


Monday, a group of Republicans from the Iowa House of Representatives and Senate delivered a letter to Attorney General Tom Miller, urging his office to investigate the practices of abortion providers in the state.

The investigation was prompted after videos surfaced showing employees from abortion providers discussing the harvesting and selling of aborted baby organs.  Through an investigation, legislators are seeking whether any relevant laws were broken by abortion providers in the state.

Signers of the letter include:

Rep. Clel Baudler                              Rep. Terry Baxter                             Rep. Brian Best

Iowa House District 20                   Iowa House District 8                      Iowa House District 12


Rep. Darrel Branhagen                  Rep. Dave Deyoe                             Rep. Cecil Dolecheck

Iowa House District 55                   Iowa House District 49                   Iowa House District 24


Rep. Dean Fisher                              Rep. Joel Fry                                      Rep. Tedd Gassman

Iowa House District 72                   Iowa House District 27                   Iowa House District 7


Rep. Stan Gustafson                       Rep. Greg Heartsill                          Rep. Dave Heaton

Iowa House District 25                   Iowa House District 28                   Iowa House District 84


Rep. Steven Holt                              Rep. Dan Huseman                         Rep. Megan Jones

Iowa House District 18                   Iowa House District 3                      Iowa House District 2


Rep. Kevin Koester                         Rep. John Kooiker                           Rep. John Landon

Iowa House District 38                   Iowa House District 4                      Iowa House District 37


Rep. Zach Nunn                                Rep. Dawn Pettengill                      Rep. Ken Rizer

Iowa House District 30                   Iowa House District 75                   Iowa House District 68


Rep. Walt Rogers                             Rep. Sandy Salmon                         Rep. Larry Sheets

Iowa House District 60                   Iowa House District 63                   Iowa House District 80


Rep. Quentin Stanerson               Rep. Ralph Watts                             Rep. Matt Windschitl

Iowa House District 95                   Iowa House District 19                   Iowa House District 17


Rep. Gary Worthan                         Senator Bill Anderson                    Senator Jerry Behn

Iowa House District 11                   Iowa Senate District 3                    Iowa Senate District 24


Senator Rick Bertrand                    Senator Jake Chapman                  Senator Mark Costello

Iowa Senate District 7                    Iowa Senate District 10                  Iowa Senate District 12


Senator Randy Feenstra               Senator Dennis Guth                      Senator David Johnson

Iowa Senate District 2                    Iowa Senate District 4                    Iowa Senate District 1


Senator Ken Rozenboom             Senator Jason Schultz                    Senator Mark Segebart

Iowa Senate District 40                  Iowa Senate District 9                    Iowa Senate District 6


Senator Amy Sinclair                       Senator Brad Zaun

Iowa Senate District 14                  Iowa Senate District 20