County GOP central committees call for defunding Planned Parenthood

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By The Iowa Statesman


Two Iowa Republican county central committees have called on state and federal officials to stop providing taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress’ investigative videos that detail the abortion provider’s use on unethical and illegal practices to obtain and sell organs and body parts from aborted babies.

Topic A LogoNow anti-abortion advocates are calling on more county central committees to do the same.

The first to pass a resolution calling on state and federal officials to defund Planned Parenthood was the Greene County central committee. It passed its resolution on July 23. The resolution, which was adopted unanimously, states:

“Public money should not be given to Planned Parenthood and should instead be given to women’s health organizations that do not practice abortion.”

John Thompson, a member of the Greene County central committee and the Republican Party of Iowa state central committee, called for the vote on the resolution, which affects the county’s platform. He noted that a Marist poll conducted before the CMP months before the Planned Parenthood videos were released showed 84 percent of Americans oppose late-term abortion.

Planned Parenthood’s actions of dissecting and removing organs has woken up people who do not identify as pro-life to the fact that the organization is performing abortions on developed babies,” he said. “The Center for Medical Progress has said they will continue to release these videos. We need to capitalize on this opportunity and abort Planned Parenthood.”

The second county central committee to join in the call to end taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood was in Madison County. There, co-chair Heather Stancil asked for a vote on the following resolution:

“The Madison County Central Committee resolves to call on both our state and national elected representatives for the immediate defunding of Planned Parenthood, utilizing every method and opportunity at their disposal, in order to prevent any future taxpayer funds from going to the killing of pre-born babies and the sale of their body parts.”

Following the unanimous vote on the resolution, Stancil sent out an email to other central committee members who were not in attendance. In it, she called this moment in history “our Wilberforce moment.”

“If you have watched these undercover videos on Planned Parenthood, you will know that the time has come to take a firm stand, and lend our collective spines to our elected representatives at both the state and national level,” she said. “Our children are being killed & their parts sold for profit. It is time that this is stopped.”