Topic A: What you’ve been missing

Iran Nukes

Donald Trump vs. John McCain. Donald Trump vs. Rick Perry. Donald Trump vs. Lindsey Graham. Donald Trump vs. The Des Moines Register. For as much as NBC is covering The Donald’s presidential campaign, it’s difficult to understand why network execs cancelled “The Apprentice.”

Topic A LogoThe lamestream media has been completely focused on Trump’s counterpunches for five weeks now, missing the substantive issues many voters will have with him as a candidate, once they get a chance to see them. For instance, at the very same event the media is so intently focused, Trump hurt himself with the all-important Christian conservative base of the Iowa GOP by saying he’s never asked God for forgiveness (perhaps we should have said “if” instead of “once”). Those issues almost entirely fall in their blind spots, however, so we’re served up a healthy dose of Trump vs. The Establishment — which only serves to make him more popular with disenfranchised right-of-center independents.

So, rather than tell you who Trump is trading jabs with today, we thought it would be helpful to catch you up on all the really important issues the lamestreamers have been ignoring.

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Iran Nuke Deal — Congress really hasn’t even had a chance to delve into the details of the deal, but the United Nations has already given it a thumbs up (perhaps a reason on its own for Republicans to reject it outright). A new report suggests there are several “side deals” the U.S. negotiated with the Islamic Republic (remember when the U.S. didn’t negotiate with terrorists?) that President Obama doesn’t want your duly elected representatives in Washington to see.

More Iranian Saber Rattling — Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader went on TV to talk about how the deal will do nothing to change its policies with regard to the U.S. or Israel (followed by chants of “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” from the crowd). Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly mortified.

Don’t forget Russia and China — The Russians apparently are feeling left out, so they’ve started poking around American airspace with their bombers again. Meanwhile, China has objected to a routine American flight in international airspace over the South China Sea. Following the Obama Administration’s “peace in our time” deal with Iran, is anyone really surprised?

It Won’t Be Hillary — Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential nomination, once considered all but locked in, is in free fall. A recent report suggests nearly three in four of President Obama’s campaign donors have given to Bernie Sanders. And just this morning, the latest poll numbers show Clinton is in danger of losing her front-runner status before the Iowa State Fair begins (judging from turnout, she only really had it in the polls).

#PPSellsBabyParts Part II — The silence of the Left (as well as the defense put up by their propagandists in the lamestream media) over the latest hidden-camera video released by the Center for Medical Progress showing yet another Planned Parenthood official haggling over the price for body parts from aborted babies (because she “wants a Lamborghini”) is deafening. Planned Parenthood continues to say the videos are “deceptively edited” to make it appear the organization is selling body parts when it isn’t. So, CMP has now released a second full-length video to demonstrate otherwise (CLICK HERE to view it).