Rubio: ‘Clinton no more ready for challenge of Iran than Obama’

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This morning, Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio authored an op-ed via Breitbart News titled “Clinton is no more ready for challenge of Iran than Obama.” An excerpt of the editorial follows.

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After years of negotiations and repeated concessions, the Obama administration has now concluded an agreement that leaves Iran, the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, as a nuclear threshold state.

The accord concedes a vast enrichment capacity; punts on the question of previous military experimentation with nuclear technologies; accepts both a heavy water plant as well as a hardened underground enrichment facility; and envisions a ramped up Iranian research and development program.

In several years, Iran could be free of a multilateral arms embargo just as its terrorist agents are flush with cash and expanding their illicit efforts around the globe.

The agreement has a limited duration and once it expires (if Iran has not already cheated) Tehran can dash to the bomb. If I am elected President I will abrogate this dangerous agreement and force Iran to permanently end its nuclear ambitions.

For decades, Republican and Democratic presidents have consistently attempted to deter our adversaries and persuade our allies not to pursue sensitive nuclear technologies. The Obama administration’s flawed deal with Iran contravenes almost seven decades of U.S. nonproliferation policy and takes the world in the opposite direction from President Obama’s 2009 aspiration in Prague of “a world without nuclear weapons” toward a highly proliferated Middle East and a more dangerous world.

As President, I would strive for the closure of Iran’s nuclear program as opposed to the mere conditioning of its nuclear activities. Iran would be forced to stop subverting its neighbors and threatening Israel. Human rights would assume a higher place in any negotiations—as part of any agreement Iran would have to honor international norms on treatment of its citizens.

When I enter the Oval Office, I will act quickly to undo this agreement.  I will reinstate the principle that has long guided American policy, namely that Iran cannot have mastery of dangerous nuclear technologies. I will reimpose the sanctions waived by President Obama and work with Congress to impose new crushing sanctions on Iran’s leaders for their brutal human rights abuses and ongoing support for terrorism.

I will invite our European allies to join us in this effort, but at the end of the day American security is not determined in Brussels or Vienna.  Americans expect our leaders to do what is right for their safety and that of their children and grandchildren regardless of what the international backlash may be.

I will give Iran a choice: change your behavior, or face the collapse of your economy due to U.S. pressure.  Despite its inflammatory rhetoric, Iran’s clerical dictatorship has immense vulnerabilities. Iran’s economy continues to suffer from inflation and unemployment while rampant corruption plagues the state at all levels.

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