Blum responds to Iran nuke deal

Iran Nuclear TalksFrom Press Release


U.S. Rep. Rod Blum (R-IA 1) issued the following statement reacting to the news the Obama Administration had completed an agreement between Iran and the P5+1 countries regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

“I cannot stress enough my concerns about negotiating with the world’s largest state sponsor of global terrorism. Despite any good intentions of the deal, a preliminary review of the agreement shows it falls short of stopping Iran from further developing military nuclear abilities while allowing Iran to continue funding terrorism with a ‘signing bonus’ of up to $50 billion in relief from sanctions — nearly double their annual military budget.

“Especially troubling is the component of the agreement that will maintain a 14 day notification process for the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect any undeclared facilities. If Iran is truly committed to transparency then anytime/anywhere inspections should have been part of the deal from the beginning.

“Additionally, this agreement does not completely dismantle the nuclear program within Iran nor prevent Iran from acquiring ballistic missiles, as the agreement expires after 10 years and the arms ban is only 5 years long — or earlier if the IAEA can be convinced the nuclear program is entirely peaceful.

“Further, there is no mention of securing the release of the three American citizens being wrongly held by Iran. This is simply irresponsible of the Administration to permit these Americans to remain in Iranian custody.

“I look forward to reviewing the agreement in more detail over the next 60 days, and if in fact the deal is as bad as initially reported, will work to make sure that Congress does everything possible to block the agreement.”