King, Sessions request GAO update study on illegal alien crime

Illegals Crossing US BorderFrom Press Release


U.S. Reps. Steve King (R-IA 4) and Pete Sessions (R-TX) released the following statement Thursday regarding their recent letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) requesting an update to King’s 2005 and 2011 studies on crimes committed by criminal aliens.

“President Obama’s refusal to enforce our country’s immigration laws has come at a high cost to our security, economy, and the livelihood of American citizens. Just this past week, an innocent American was murdered in San Francisco by a criminal alien who had been deported five times. At what point will we say ‘enough is enough’? At what point will this Administration understand that by throwing law and civility to the wayside they are compromising the safety of American families and communities?

“To adequately address this problem, it is critical that we understand the full extent of this issue. For that reason we have requested that the Government Accountability Office update its 2011 study on criminal aliens. In that year, the Government Accountability Office published a report that analyzed the number of criminal aliens arrested and convicted, the specific crimes they committed, and the total cost associated with their incarcerations. We believe an update to this study will provide further certifiable evidence to hold the Administration accountable for their lawless actions and emphasize the necessity to enforce our nation’s Rule of Law and secure our porous borders.”