Walker in video: ‘Recall the Recall’

Scott Walker Recall the RecallBy The Iowa Statesman


Soon-to-be Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker today released a new web video, “Recall the Recall,” to mark three years since he made history by becoming the only governor to survive a recall election.

In a statement about the video, his campaign said, “When Scott Walker was sworn into office in 2011, Wisconsin faced a staggering deficit and high unemployment numbers. Governor Walker took big, bold action to reform a collective bargaining system that was a bad deal for the taxpayers. The left erupted and threw everything they had at him, sending thousands of protestors to the state capital and attempting to recall him. But Scott Walker stood firm and won in a major victory for taxpayers against the big government special interests.”

Regarding the recall election, Walker advisor Rick Wiley said, “Why did he win? Because people want someone with the courage to take on the big fights. Today’s Republican party is as strong as ever in terms of the seats we hold in Congress, state legislatures, and governorships around the country; the only thing that’s missing is the White House. That’s why voters want someone who’s not just a fighter, but a winner as well.”

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