Paul: ‘We must embolden our conservative message, not dilute it’

Rand Paul AnnouncementFrom Press Release


Thursday evening, Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, along with roughly 300 members of the ‘Leave me alone’ coalition, officially opened his Iowa campaign office in Des Moines. At the office opening, he shook hands and took photos with the crowd and spoke at length about the importance of defeating the Washington Machine and unleashing the American Dream.

This was the final stop on Sen. Paul’s two-day, nine-city sweep through the state. Earlier that day, Sen. Paul spoke to crowds in Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, and met with roughly 100 farmers in Brooklyn. Rand Paul for President Agriculture Co-Chair, Craig Lang, hosted the event in Brooklyn:

“This is a good day for rural Iowa and a great day for Brooklyn! Rand Paul is the only presidential candidate to visit Brooklyn and we are thrilled to welcome him to our farm. I support Rand Paul because of his character and his ability to stand up against the broke, status quo. He is the only candidate who offers bold plans like his ‘Fair and Flat Tax’ plan. He believes in term limits and he stands up to the Washington machine. It is time we elect a leader like Sen. Rand Paul,” Lang said in his introduction.

“It is such an honor to shake hands with the true, hardworking individuals of Brooklyn. Farming is very important to our country and we must appreciate the amount of work that goes into producing crops and livestock. Unfortunately, our government doesn’t respect individual farmers and property owners,” Paul said. “The bureaucrats in Washington are out of control-whether it’s the Waters of the U.S. regulation or the EPA’s War on Coal.”

“We should encourage production and competition because it breeds excellence with in the industry,” he continued. “Instead, our government has overstepped its bounds and stifled our freedoms as property owners in the process. President Obama’s EPA has added 25 million words of regulation. This must change if we want to get back on a prosperous path, and I want to be part of that change.”

Tuesday, Paul visited Council Bluffs, Le Mars, Sioux City, Sioux Center and Okoboji where he amassed crowds of over 200 at each event.

“I am confident in the future of America,” he told the crowds. “Our country can be prosperous again by encouraging job creation and by leaving more money in the productive, private sector. My ‘Fair and Flat Tax’ plan would create 1.4 million new jobs by implementing a flat tax of 14.5 percent, and eliminating the workers tax and corporate welfare.

“If we want to win again as a party, we must be boldly for conservative values. We must protect the entire Bill of Rights. We need a nominee that will not settle with the status quo– someone who will stand up to the Washington Machine. I believe a true leader should not be concerned with gaining power for themselves, but rather giving power back to the people, and as President, that is exactly what I will do.”

Paul plans to return to Iowa in the coming weeks to continue expanding his broad ‘Leave me alone’ coalition.