Graham reacts to Cuba embassy decision

(Prezography photo)

(Prezography photo)

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Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham released the following statement on President Obama’s decision to open the embassy in Cuba:

“As president, I would not honor this decision with Cuba and I would close the embassy until the Castro brothers actually change their behavior.  By suggesting the dictatorship in Cuba is an acceptable or normal government, we are sending the worst possible message at the most critical time.

“Today’s announcement makes it harder for us to get a good deal with the Iranians and harder for the next president to reset world order.  I fear Assad, Putin, the Chinese, and terrorists who wish to do us harm take this as yet another sign of continued American weakness.

“President Obama is truly writing new chapters in American foreign policy.  Unfortunately, these latest chapters are ones of America and the values we stand for — human rights, freedom, and democracy — in retreat and decline.”