Walker pens op-ed on Obama’s ‘failed leadership’ on Iran

(Prezography photo)

(Prezography photo)

By The Iowa Statesman


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wrote an op-ed published Tuesday at National Review Online. In it, he assailed President Obama’s “failed leadership” on the issue of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Excerpts of the editorial follow; the entire article may be read by clicking here.

Today marks another deadline for President Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran. The truth is these talks were doomed from the start by the administration’s pattern of retreat. As the Iranians hang tough, insisting on their core demands, the president has steadily abandoned commitments he made to the American people and our allies.

In the most recent example, Secretary of State John Kerry backed off from the longstanding demand of the United States and its partners that Iran come clean about the possible military dimensions of its program before any deal is signed. If the administration continues on this course, we will never know how much progress the Iranians made toward building a nuclear weapon in the past, leaving us in the dark about how quickly they could make a bomb in the future. As a result of this and many other concessions, negotiations originally designed to deny Iran a path to the bomb are instead giving an American stamp of approval to the country’s nuclear-weapons ambitions.

President Obama’s pattern of retreat has sent such a resounding message of weakness that the Iranians, even if they do sign an agreement, will inevitably test American resolve again and again. The administration tells us not to worry, because its “unprecedented” inspections will discover any cheating by Iran. But effective inspections can’t take place without Iranian cooperation, which Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has rejected. And responding to any violations will also require Russia and China’s goodwill, which is in short supply.