Grassley seeks IRS accounting of Health Care Tax Credit discrepancies

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Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking the IRS to explain its handling of Premium Tax Credit claims and the procedures it uses to reconcile those claims with overpayments of the Advanced Premium Tax Credit under the health care law.

“The accuracy of the procedures is important for making sure recipients are getting the intended amounts and that taxpayers aren’t overpaying,” Grassley said.  “An audit raised questions about gaps and discrepancies in how the tax credits are calculated.  The IRS should explain how it’s handling these issues and how it will fix the problems.”

A recent audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration highlighted shortcomings in the preparation for processing Premium Tax Credit claims. The audit also revealed problems with the procedures used to reconcile Advanced Premium Tax Credit overpayments.

Grassley, with Sen. Orrin Hatch, sought information from the IRS in a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on how the agency determined the accuracy of Premium Tax Credit claims and how it reconciled overpayments, given gaps in the information necessary to calculate the amounts.

The text of the letter is available here.