Young: ‘ACA law still flawed’

Congressman David Young -- CROPPEDFrom Press Release


U.S. Rep. David Young (R-IA 3) issued the following statement today after the Supreme Court announced its ruling on King v. Burwell.

“It’s no secret – there are real problems with the Affordable Care Act. I hear that from Iowans every day and this ruling does not change that fact. The law has not lived up to its promises of lowering premiums and costs, allowing families to keep their doctors and health care plans, or fixing the underlying health care access problems. It may still be the law of the land, but it is a flawed law and one that needs to be repealed and replaced with a commonsense patient-centered solution.”

Young is committed to strengthening our health care system by listening to the people first, instead of pushing through a flawed health care plan and then trying to address people’s concerns. He is doing what those who created and passed this law never did, asking Iowans for their thoughts and ideas on how we best strengthen and improve health care. The goal is a patient-centered solution that truly puts people first.

Iowans are encouraged to visit – click on “contact” in the menu bar – and then select “health care ideas” – to share their thoughts.

He has also penned an op-ed outlining the principles of his plan that incorporates the ideas he has heard from Iowans.