Branstad testifies before EPA on need for ‘robust RFS’

Branstad 1From Press Release


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad today delivered testimony before the Environmental Protection Agency in Kansas City, Kansas, in support of a robust Renewable Fuel Standard.  The full text of the testimony is below or available to read here.

“The EPA has a choice – protect the deep pockets of Big Oil and their monopolistic practices or nurture consumer choice, renewable energy growth and a healthy rural economy. Unless you advance a robust RFS, you will constrain growth in the rural economy, negatively impacting family farms, agri-business and the biofuels industries, and the citizens and businesses that are part of our nation’s rural fabric,” Branstad said at the testimony.

The hearing was held in response to the EPA’s proposed renewable volume obligation levels.

“The EPA’s decision will affect the lives of many Iowans, Midwesterners and consumers nationwide.  I hope that the EPA shows Midwesterners that the Federal Government has not abandoned its commitment to a robust RFS and revitalizing rural America,” Branstad concluded.

In written comments submitted to the EPA, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds said, “In rural America, supporting the RFS is not a partisan issue.  Supporting a strong RFS is good for farmers who add value to their agricultural products.  A robust RFS is good for workers in the biofuels industry, including those that have rewarding careers at Iowa’s 42 ethanol plants, 13 biodiesel plants, and agricultural equipment manufacturing facilities and dealers.  Iowans know the importance of a strong Renewable Fuels Standard and we hope the multitude of testimonies today convince you of its importance as well.”