“The cable industry has invested over $230 billion to build robust broadband networks that reach 93 percent of U.S. homes. We agree with the President that connecting all Americans to this critical technology should be a national priority, and that is why we have long supported the use of scarce government funding to support universal service in areas where private networks are not economically viable.

“America’s decades-long policy of promoting private investment and exercising a light regulatory touch has yielded substantial benefits for American consumers. As evidence, cable’s top broadband speeds have increased over 3200 percent in a decade, Akamai recently reported that 12 American states are among the 20 fastest regions of the world and our markets remain the envy of the world. While government run networks may be appropriate in rare cases, many such enterprises have ended up in failure, saddling taxpayers with significant long-term financial liabilities and diverting scarce resources from other pressing local needs.

“Broadband policy will continue to play a central role in the social and economic fabric of our society. But rather than chase false solutions, government policies should be directed at overcoming barriers to adoption and extending the reach of broadband to places yet unserved. We welcome sensible government policies that will build on our successes and convince even more Americans to take advantage of the broadband opportunity.”